Nina Romain - London horror and film freelance

About Nina Romain/girlfright

London-based horror writer and producer Nina Romain has over 10 years’ experience in features and shorts. She's written and produced 10 horror shorts in locations as varied as Brighton underpasses, and haunted forests in the UK, as well as off the beaten track in Los Angeles ( Vicious Valentine shot in a deserted LA zoo).

Her shorts have been selected by approximately total of 50 international film fests, including Upstate NY Horror Film Festival, the Hollywood Horror Film Festival, and Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. She regularly screens at the UK's largest indy horror fest, Horror-on-Sea; her latest microhorror, Alice in Nightmareland, shot in Oxford, and has currently been screened in LA< and Canada as well as Europe.

Her feature work includes 2019's FrightFest UK horror-comedy Are We Dead Yet? and Raindance-screened Love Possibly, as well as UK dramedies Love's Spell and On the Other Foot (as 2nd AD and continuity). She's done some weird and wonderful crew work, including as a camera assistant for the US reality show The Amazing Race.

She also is a script reviewer for US script companies including Golden Script, Scriptapalooza, and Coverfly. She does film PR and BTS photography, and is a horror voiceover artist. A Raindance blogger, she believes in shooting from the hip in horror while shooting it scary and looking at the stranger side of films such as turning back time: timeloops on the big screen.  

Please contact for an updated CV, and you can find her on IMDB and