Nina Romain - London horror and film freelance

Shooting it scary...who the hell is nina romain?

Nina Romain is living proof that small children shouldn't be taken trick-or-treating in Alabama in the 1980s – they tend to end up obsessed with the creepier side of Halloween! Her horror shorts tend to be shot half in the seedier side of Los Angeles and half in the darker side of the UK. This includes the UK's "most haunted" village in Fright Corner starring Games of Thrones actor Rob Callender. Her latest microhorror, Alice in Nightmareland (click here for trailer), was shot on location in Oxford.

Nina has written, produced and (occasionally) directed 12 microshorts, including Vicious Valentine, a found footage shot in LA about a romantic Valentine’s Day that goes horrifically wrong, and lockdown thriller Ghost London (shooting in a ghost town), Killer Party and Cute Kid. Her shorts have been selected or played in approximately 50 film festivals while she regularly screens in the UK's biggest independent horror fest, Horror-on-Sea film festival. A former photojournalist, she also does film BTS and interviews.

Nina romain at frightfest 

Hamming it up at FrightFest's premiere of The Living Dead